Routine HVAC Maintenance

Residents in Cape Girardeau, Jackson, Scott City, and the surrounding areas have counted on Peters Heating & Air Conditioning for their scheduled HVAC systems maintenance since 1968. Our well-trained and highly experienced HVAC techs are ready to perform the maintenance tasks that your heating and cooling systems need to face the extreme temperatures of the seasons ahead.

The Benefits of Planned HVAC Maintenance

Prevent Costly HVAC Repairs & Replacements

Yearly furnace or air conditioner inspections are an important part of routine home maintenance. Contacting Peters Heating & Air Conditioning for your yearly air conditioner service or furnace service will allow our skilled HVAC technicians to find and address any issues found. Extend the life of your current HVAC equipment with one simple call today! Whether you have a gas or electric furnace, include an annual furnace maintenance check from Peters Heating & Air Conditioning as part of the plan to winterize your home.

Save Energy & Lower Your Utility Bills

While our new Amana furnaces and Amana air conditioner replacement units are the most energy-efficient HVAC systems on the market, older systems are still capable of delivering efficiency with an annual furnace or air conditioner tune-up service. From checking your refrigerant levels and filters to cleaning important components, our HVAC technicians work hard to get the best performance out of your existing system.

Call Peters For All Your Planned HVAC Service Needs

With a simple call, our friendly HVAC professionals will set up a planned maintenance schedule for your cooling and heating systems. With over 50 years of experience in providing the best heating and air conditioning service, you can rely on Peters Heating & Air Conditioning to keep you and your family comfortable in all seasons, year after year.

Take Comfort In Our Expertise

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Take Comfort In Our Expert Service

As an Amana dealer since 1978, we have confidence in all of the equipment we install, and we don’t settle for lower quality options. Since 1990, we have installed and serviced Water Furnace geothermal equipment with great success.

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