Planned Maintenance

Too many times it happens – folks wait until things are going downhill fast before having their air conditioner or other unit serviced. Many times, this wait results in repair work or even replacement. Why have surprises like this when you can schedule regular maintenance to make sure that your comfort system is ready for the hot summer months and cold winter season?

You’ve got a partner ready to help. Team with Peters and take the worry away! Call us today to set up regular, scheduled maintenance at your home or business. We will inspect your system and do the necessary steps to ensure that you’re ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Should we find an issue, we’ll tell you all about it and give you an estimate of the costs to repair or replace items or parts, and you can count on our experience to give you an accurate quote.

Don’t wait for a breakdown to call us. Let’s get ahead of the game together with scheduled, planned maintenance!

Take Comfort In Our Expert Service

As an Amana dealer since 1978, we have confidence in all of the equipment we install, and we don’t settle for lower quality options. Since 1990, we have installed and serviced Water Furnace geothermal equipment with great success.

Peters Heating and Air Conditioning was voted as one of the best in Cape County.

Stop by our shop to discuss your needs or just give us a call. We're here to help!