Although installing a geothermal system isn’t overly complicated, only a trained professional should attempt it. When done correctly, a geothermal system can provide years of low maintenance, high-efficiency comfort and unmatched energy savings. But incorrect sizing or installation from an unqualified contractor can negate any financial benefits through prolonged operation or repair costs and lead to other problems.

Some geothermal manufacturers are devoting a substantial amount of time and resources to proper training and education. WaterFurnace dealers are required to attend in-depth training in order to carry its products. In addition to hands-on classes, video training materials are made available online for continuing education.

“We provide the best equipment on the market, so it makes sense to provide homeowners with the best trained dealer network,” says Michael Albertson, Senior VP Sales & Marketing at WaterFurnace. “We want to make sure every customer is proud to own a WaterFurnace.”

If you’re in the market for a geothermal system, here are some tips for homeowners to keep in mind when looking for a geothermal installer.

Go With a Pro
Hire only professionals who follow the procedures established by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA). Make sure the manufacturer of the unit has trained your contractor and the contractor has installed geothermal before.

Check Training Credentials
Installers should be accredited by IGSHPA or be able to show training by the equipment manufacturer or from experts at industry recognized institutions. Companies like WaterFurnace require in-depth training in order to become a part of the independent dealer network.

Ask for Geothermal References
Ask contractors for references from customers who have had geothermal installed and call them. Ask about their professional performance and if the job was completed on time and within budget.

Expect a Home Evaluation
You should plan on an examination of your home. The contractor should check ducts, insulation and other features for energy efficiency. Software tools like GeoLink Design Studio ensure the most accurate analysis of your home and potential savings.

Ask Questions
Inquire about the contractor’s experience installing geothermal. Don’t hesitate to ask about the recommendations for your home. Ask if the contractor has installed a geothermal system in his or her own home or business.

Get Written Estimates
Talk to multiple contactors and get a cost estimate in writing. Ask for a breakdown between labor and equipment costs. Be sure you are comparing “apples to apples.” If you have any questions, ask the contractor for clarification.

Cheaper is Not Always Better
You’ll spend many years with your system. Energy efficient equipment costs less to operate every day, and going with the cheapest price will probably cost more in the long run.

Get a Guarantee
Nearly everything you purchase comes with a warranty. Ask for a guarantee, in writing, on installation work as well.

Insist on a Written Contract
Sign a written proposal before work gets started to protect both parties. Specify project costs, model numbers, job schedule and warranty information.

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